Easter 2011 :: Baptisms and a Technicolor Dreamcoat

Thanks to my uncle Randy who cleaned out his closet, I was blessed with my own personal technicolor easter dreamcoat. Tell me this jacket isn’t awesome! It’s real vintage. I think it’s actually older than I am. If you look at my family’s photo albums you’ll see Uncle Randy wearing this on Easter over the years when our whole family went to Southside Baptist and he was the music director. Apparently it was a big hit at church this morning because I had people walking up to me who were told to “go see Chris’ coat.” Amanda looked especially cute today in her new dress, shoes, and cardigan/sweater/something. Thanks Hannah for grabbing this photo of us.

Easter at SSCC was super fun this year. Mostly because of all the prep work that happened in the weeks before. As I said in my post on Saturday, my love for filmmaking has returned. For Easter at SSCC, we included about 3 baptisms at each service. In the weeks prior, each person was recorded against our green screen to share their thoughts on their baptism. Then the videos were shown right before the person was baptized. I filmed, Travis and I directed, Travis edited. I’ll share a few and some photos I took during the service.

See all the videos here and the photos here.

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Behind the Scenes :: Dr. Anna Cabeca’s “Feel Fabulous” Teleseminar Commercial

Thanks to a great referral from a friend, we got connected to Dr. Anna Cabeca, a local OBGYN. After being diagnosed with a tragic health condition, she went looking for answers around the world. She found them and has put together a teleseminar to share these answers with women.

She hired us to film a short video commercial for the event. In it she shares her story, her miracle, and her passion for women’s health.

While we were filming, Amanda grabbed a few photos of our setup. It was a pretty simple:

Video: One Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, two 500w CFL video lights, a portable reflector to block the sun.

Audio: Sennheiser G3 wireless lapel mic and Zoom H4N audio recorder.

Watch the video (and maybe sign up for the seminar) on her website.






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Why Hello There, Filmmaking

Recently, my love for videography has returned. Not too long ago, I had never touched a DSLR. My weapon of choice was a DV camera. I kind of lost interest, mostly due to my lack of good personal equipment and I lost the connection to borrowing gear. I never thought that I would one day I would come back to my first love using the same camera to shoot weddings and make short films.

Crazy. The Canon 5D Mark II has made it all possible.

Filming videos for both SSCC and new video clients has been a blast and I’ve been learning so much. The next step for me is to get better at editing, especially int he storytelling part.

I can’t wait to see what fun projects come up. May even have to make a few happen.

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I Was a T-Shirt Model

So I was asked to get a picture of our new t-shirts on sale at SSCC. We needed a slide for the announcements on Sunday. Well all the big sizes sold out at Church in the Park and all I had left to shoot was Large and smaller. I went looking for a couple models – a guy and a girl. I found my girl model, Karen, but there were no guys in the building who could wear large, except for me. So the photographer became the model as Karen and I stood in front of the green screen and had Travis take our picture.

I promise I’ll remember you all after Versace calls and I make my millions as a model.

SSCC T-Shirts in the Atrium

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Real Artists Are Scared to Death


If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends) “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.

This quote is from a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield that my buddy Joel tells me I have to read. It also comes recommended by Mandy with “Love. That. Book.“.

I’m always encouraged when people tell me it’s ok the be scared to death. I’m not sure I ever walk into a shoot thinking “yeah, I got this.” It takes a bit of the weight off my shoulders.

Created by http://www.flickr.com/photos/sortacrunchy/5595578886/

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Lunch with Mom

I love living on St. Simons Island. My mom met us for lunch we walked to Southern Soul Barbecue. Except I didn’t take any pictures while we were there. Must have been because I was so focussed on that amazing brisket I had.







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Care for Her Heart

A few days ago I went to hang out with a friend. As I pulled up I realized something had just happened. The atmosphere was a bit tense. I learned his wife accidentally busted his tail light while unloading his SUV after going garage selling. He looked upset that it happened, naturally. And she seemed worried, maybe embarrassed. But he took a second to think and asked how it happened. He found it was an accident. His reply to it was amazing. “It’s ok honey. We’ll get it fixed.”

Yeah. “It’s ok honey. We’ll get it fixed.”

After he and I went off to our adventure he asked me, “How do you handle things like that?” I guess he thought that my few more years of marriage would lend some advice. I did have the wisdom he needed but unfortunately I had it because I did not handle a similar situation well.

I told him of the time while we were dating when Amanda opened my back hatch of my SUV and my new DVD player fell out onto the pavement. It wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t being neglectful. It simply shifted to the right (or wrong) place to fall out when the hatch was opened.

I didn’t handle it well. I got really upset and threw my keys down on the ground, breaking my keychain. Oh, and this was standing on the font steps of the church right in front of our worship leader, his wife, and some others. I embarrassed her. She was hurt. I made her feel like she had done some unrepairable wrong.

Over a DVD player.

Could I have been more of a heartless jerk?

After our worship leader’s wife gave me the look of pure disgust I deserved she asked me, “Do you care more about that broken DVD player or her broken heart?”

Needless to sayI felt horrible and had to apologize. But the hurt was done and I could not take it back. I could only change the way I handled things in the future.

My advice to him was to care for her heart. $50 can fix his tail light. No amount of money can fix her heart.

So now I ask you. Do you care more for your wife’s heart than the condition of your stuff? Is your first reaction to love her regardless? Or instead, does she fear your reaction to her tiniest fail?

Let your houses be full of love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Care for her heart above all else.

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Melting Pot for Nikki’s Birthday

Justin had to twist our arms to make us go to the Melting Pot for Nikki’s surprise birthday party. Yeah, you believe that right?

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Bowling with the Van Otterens

Yeah. So Eliot beat us. We still had a great time bowling.







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Photoshop for iPad Live Demo with LAYERS!

Here’s a live demo of the killer new iPad Photoshop app that debuted yesterday at Photoshop World. This is still in development with no set release date yet. Check it out, complete with the awesome layers animation, below.

ORIGINAL POST: http://www.photographybay.com/2011/03/30/photoshop-for-ipad-live-demo/

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