Turning 29

I guess I have to grow up some time. But at least I still get to have fun birthday parties. Thanks Amanda for baking me that AWESOME cake and getting the party together. XOXO                        

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We’ve Got Some News

        – We’ve Got Some News – We’re Expecting! Oh my gosh we’re so excited!!!! We know what you’re thinking… “FINALLY!” :) Amanda is a little over 8 weeks along. We found out June 6 and told our parents a few days later. Today we’re telling the world! It’s exciting to be able to … Continue reading »

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2:24am. Jesus, What’s Next?

Sometimes it just helps to say what’s on my mind. And take pictures with PhotoBooth. It’s 2:24am as I write this. A few hours ago I was tired and went to bed but never got close to sleep. As I read blogs, wrote blogs, and pondered blogs, I lost all sense of sleepiness. To summarize … Continue reading »

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Beef Up Your Obituary

I never thought I’d find inspiration for life from a beer ad. As a non-partaker myself, I tend to make fun of the “drink this and you’ll be awesome” message the marketing communicates. Well today I found my way to The Most Interesting Man on Earth’s Wikipedia page via my little brother’s Facebook page. In … Continue reading »

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Everyone is a Genius – Albert Einstein

I’ve never been good at sports but there was a time in my life (public school Phys Ed class to be exact) that my identity seemed to include this fact. I was in “smart” classes, school band, and loved to draw. But the environment I was in set sports as the determining factor of goodness. … Continue reading »

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Avoiding Risk, Risks Life

Honestly, I’ve avoided risk at all cost. Yet I’ve felt recently that every time I turn a corner I hear someone talking about the need to take risks. I’ve sought safety over adventure, at the risk of my soul. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do … Continue reading »

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Care for Her Heart

A few days ago I went to hang out with a friend. As I pulled up I realized something had just happened. The atmosphere was a bit tense. I learned his wife accidentally busted his tail light while unloading his SUV after going garage selling. He looked upset that it happened, naturally. And she seemed … Continue reading »

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Melting Pot for Nikki’s Birthday

Justin had to twist our arms to make us go to the Melting Pot for Nikki’s surprise birthday party. Yeah, you believe that right?

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Rain, Windows, and New Hair

I’m sitting up at the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room as Amanda finishes up her latest kitchen experiment – a chicken, onion, mustard, and tomato entree. On the side are Brussels sprouts. I’m so excited. Meanwhile the house is breezy with every door and window open, also letting the sound of … Continue reading »

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It’s Hard to Do the Right Thing…

… when there’s syrup involved. Yep. But I’m trying.   Found at

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