Turning 29

I guess I have to grow up some time. But at least I still get to have fun birthday parties. Thanks Amanda for baking me that AWESOME cake and getting the party together. XOXO                        

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Babies and the Support of Friends

All I have to say is “Wow”. The support and encouragement and the excitement from our friends has been so encouraging and motivating. It’s like one big group hug. I expected a bit of it when we announced Little Monc to the world on Sunday, but never this much. Justin said he had been praying … Continue reading »

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Melting Pot for Nikki’s Birthday

Justin had to twist our arms to make us go to the Melting Pot for Nikki’s surprise birthday party. Yeah, you believe that right?

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Bowling with the Van Otterens

Yeah. So Eliot beat us. We still had a great time bowling.            

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Bryan’s Birthday Baptism

What’s cooler to do on a Sunday afternoon that see a friend get baptized? About 2pm yesterday (Sunday), some of Bryan’s local and college friends joined him at the beach to see him get baptized. Most of us had just spent the weekend together as leaders at the Fusion Retreat and were super excited to … Continue reading »

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