Turning 29

I guess I have to grow up some time. But at least I still get to have fun birthday parties. Thanks Amanda for baking me that AWESOME cake and getting the party together. XOXO                        

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Baby Registries and Toys for Dad

Amanda and I went to Target the other day to register for Little Monc. After scanning strollers, diapers, and crib sheets with this “present gun” – it somehow found its way to the electronics aisle. :) Little Monc needs an XBox, right?   – BTW… if our families read this… our registries are at Target and Amazon so far … Continue reading »

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Little Monc’s First (awesome) Shoes!

- A couple nights ago we had a photo shoot with one of our favorite families who we’ve known forever. When their son Hayden couldn’t fit into his baby checkered Vans his mom Brooke offered them to us… and of course we took them! Aren’t they the coolest baby shoes? I think dad needs a … Continue reading »

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Babies and the Support of Friends

All I have to say is “Wow”. The support and encouragement and the excitement from our friends has been so encouraging and motivating. It’s like one big group hug. I expected a bit of it when we announced Little Monc to the world on Sunday, but never this much. Justin said he had been praying … Continue reading »

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We’ve Got Some News

        – We’ve Got Some News – We’re Expecting! Oh my gosh we’re so excited!!!! We know what you’re thinking… “FINALLY!” :) Amanda is a little over 8 weeks along. We found out June 6 and told our parents a few days later. Today we’re telling the world! It’s exciting to be able to … Continue reading »

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Lunch with Mom

I love living on St. Simons Island. My mom met us for lunch we walked to Southern Soul Barbecue. Except I didn’t take any pictures while we were there. Must have been because I was so focussed on that amazing brisket I had.            

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Care for Her Heart

A few days ago I went to hang out with a friend. As I pulled up I realized something had just happened. The atmosphere was a bit tense. I learned his wife accidentally busted his tail light while unloading his SUV after going garage selling. He looked upset that it happened, naturally. And she seemed … Continue reading »

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Amanda’s Birthday Parties

Amanda’s birthday week was fun! Her actual birthday was on Thursday and we went to the Melting Pot in Jax. But we also threw a party with our friends on Friday, our local families on Saturday, and our out of town families on Sunday. She should be writing more about them soon but I wanted … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day 2011 – Jekyll Island Beach Picnic

With Amanda working at home, it makes surprises difficult. She knows one is coming when the day of or before a special event I kick her out of the house. She doesn’t mind though. It means she gets to go to Wake Up Coffee Co and read or hang out with friends during the work … Continue reading »

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Waking Up to Praise

There’s just something about waking up to your wife singing along with praise and worship music while she fixes you breakfast. not only that, but she had been up since before 6am to meet with her weekly group of 8th graders in the 707 Bible Study. She also cleaned and reorganized our office while I … Continue reading »

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