The Gathering Place featuring Aaron Keyes

Quick post just to say I love the Gathering Place! Getting to photograph it several times this summer is an honor. The kids are amazing and seeing God work is just good for the soul and makes me think what I’m doing is important and is somewhat making a difference. This week Aaron Keyes was … Continue reading »

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Easter 2011 :: Baptisms and a Technicolor Dreamcoat

Thanks to my uncle Randy who cleaned out his closet, I was blessed with my own personal technicolor easter dreamcoat. Tell me this jacket isn’t awesome! It’s real vintage. I think it’s actually older than I am. If you look at my family’s photo albums you’ll see Uncle Randy wearing this on Easter over the … Continue reading »

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I Was a T-Shirt Model

So I was asked to get a picture of our new t-shirts on sale at SSCC. We needed a slide for the announcements on Sunday. Well all the big sizes sold out at Church in the Park and all I had left to shoot was Large and smaller. I went looking for a couple models … Continue reading »

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