Amanda’s Birthday

Yesterday was Amanda’s birthday. Dang she just keeps getting more awesome every year! :) I cooked her breakfast after she got back from 707 Bible study and because of the hurry we were going to be in to make our dinner reservations, she brought us lunch to eat at the office together. No presents given … Continue reading »

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2am Flow of Thoughts

Here’s what’s floating around in my head at 2am. I just told someone on Facebook chat, “Goodnight. Have a good Friday. Go change the world.” Kinda random but makes me wonder where that thought came from. I think I inspired myself. Hmmm. Amanda’s birthday was fun. Dinner was at the Melting Pot in Jax. So … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day 2011 – Jekyll Island Beach Picnic

With Amanda working at home, it makes surprises difficult. She knows one is coming when the day of or before a special event I kick her out of the house. She doesn’t mind though. It means she gets to go to Wake Up Coffee Co and read or hang out with friends during the work … Continue reading »

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Waking Up to Praise

There’s just something about waking up to your wife singing along with praise and worship music while she fixes you breakfast. not only that, but she had been up since before 6am to meet with her weekly group of 8th graders in the 707 Bible Study. She also cleaned and reorganized our office while I … Continue reading »

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