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2:24am. Jesus, What’s Next?

Sometimes it just helps to say what’s on my mind. And take pictures with PhotoBooth. It’s 2:24am as I write this. A few hours ago I was tired and went to bed but never got close to sleep. As I read blogs, wrote blogs, and pondered blogs, I lost all sense of sleepiness. To summarize … Continue reading »

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Beef Up Your Obituary

I never thought I’d find inspiration for life from a beer ad. As a non-partaker myself, I tend to make fun of the “drink this and you’ll be awesome” message the marketing communicates. Well today I found my way to The Most Interesting Man on Earth’s Wikipedia page via my little brother’s Facebook page. In … Continue reading »

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The Gathering Place featuring Aaron Keyes

Quick post just to say I love the Gathering Place! Getting to photograph it several times this summer is an honor. The kids are amazing and seeing God work is just good for the soul and makes me think what I’m doing is important and is somewhat making a difference. This week Aaron Keyes was … Continue reading »

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Everyone is a Genius – Albert Einstein

I’ve never been good at sports but there was a time in my life (public school Phys Ed class to be exact) that my identity seemed to include this fact. I was in “smart” classes, school band, and loved to draw. But the environment I was in set sports as the determining factor of goodness. … Continue reading »

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Subscribe to my blog

I had a thought. Some of you might want to get an email when I post to my blog. Yeah I know, crazy idea. But just in case, you can enter your email address in the form below and you’ll get an email each time I post, which is about once or twice a week. … Continue reading »

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Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Public service announcement: This roasted red pepper soup recipe is soooo tasty. If you didn’t know, I LOVE to cook. So tonight for dinner we had tacos and this soup. Prep and the cooking was really easy except for toasting the peppers a bit because I forgot about them in the broiler. Amanda reminded me … Continue reading »

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Avoiding Risk, Risks Life

Honestly, I’ve avoided risk at all cost. Yet I’ve felt recently that every time I turn a corner I hear someone talking about the need to take risks. I’ve sought safety over adventure, at the risk of my soul. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do … Continue reading »

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Arizona Vacation: The Sunset at Grand Canyon

We spent the past week in Arizona on vacation. One of the highlights was the Grand Canyon. We stayed until sunset and got to witness a beautiful sunset together. More photos of the adventures to come soon!

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The Transits :: Band Photo Shoot

The Transits are a newly formed rock band whose first public show will be June 24. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more info about time and place. From what I’ve heard so far, I have no doubt you’ll love them.           The Transits on Facebook:¬† The Transits Official Website:¬† … Continue reading »

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A Portrait of Christ from Jeremy Cowart (video)

A Portrait of Christ from Jeremy Cowart on Vimeo. Created on April 20th, 2011 by Jeremy Cowart – Music by Derek Webb –

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