So. A bio. It’s so hard to write about yourself! I could try third person. Or. Chris could try third person. Oh whatever!

I said hello to this world in November 1982. We’ve been hanging out ever since.

I got my first camera when I was 5 or so on a trip to Disney World. It was a blue 110 Mickey Mouse camera. I went through some film!

I grew up in church but didn’t meet Jesus until I was 15. All I heard before then was God’s checklist that if I didn’t follow He’d not like me. Then I heard about God’s grace and love. I’m down with that.

My parents encouraged sports and the arts. I sucked at sports but fell in love with the arts. Painting. Then music. Then graphic design. Then photography. I’m still doing all of ‘em except for painting. At least with a brush.

I met and began dating Amanda in 2002. We got married in June 2006. She’s my best buddy and I love her like crazy! No kids yet but I can’t wait for some little Moncuses to be running around.

We live on St. Simons Island, GA and love it!

Wanna see what I do to make money? Visit Chris Moncus Photography (wedding and portrait photography) or St. Simons Community Church (graphic design and communications).

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