Babies and the Support of Friends

Posted by on July 6, 2011

All I have to say is “Wow”.

The support and encouragement and the excitement from our friends has been so encouraging and motivating. It’s like one big group hug. I expected a bit of it when we announced Little Monc to the world on Sunday, but never this much.

Justin said he had been praying for us for a few months since I first told him we were going to start trying. My mom printed the sonogram I texted to her and put it up to pray for Little Monc every day. Stacey, Paula, and Sarah have been helping Amanda with the real mom advice she needs.

We’ve had well over 150 Facebook and Twitter messages to us and so many hugs and high fives in person. I want to thank all the friends who have no idea how much they have made this new experience so good for us.

Thanks for all the advice.

Thanks for telling us we’ll be great parents.

Thanks for jumping up and down when we told you.

Thanks for the hugs.

Thanks for your prayers.

Thanks for the Facebook and Twitter love.

Thanks for being great friends.

We need you and appreciate you.

14 Responses to Babies and the Support of Friends

  1. Jan Pearce

    I believe you and Amanda are going to make GREAT parents. You haven’t rushed into this and have really planned for a future for your family. You are changing your family tree.(per Dave). With all of the love and support you three have, it’s a Win Win! I love you all very much. I can hardly wait to meet “Little Monc”.

  2. Chris Moncus

    Should I be scared or happy? :)

  3. Paula VanBoxel

    I set aside 2 books for you all today from the SSCS sale! Just wait till I find out the gender!

  4. Natalea Waller

    Ry and I are so excited for you two! :)

  5. Vivian Heath Murray

    Congratulations…so excited for y’all!!!

  6. Cheryl Rainer Nelson

    There’s nothing quite like it! Sending love and congrats your way!

  7. Chris Borsky

    Congratulations to you both

  8. Shannon Christopher

    Sorry I missed original post. Congrats Chris & Amanda!

  9. Travis Paulding

    I could offer advice, but then you’ve seen me do a lot of parenting… so I figure you wouldn’t take it.

  10. Tracie

    I love everytime I see those words Little Monc! I have been saying it for years, but to hear y’all say it makes me super happy!

  11. Kathryn Hearn

    I am jumping up and down reading this…seriously. SO EXCITED for you and Amanda Crosby Moncus! Little Monc is sure to have lots of prayers, praises and plenty of love!

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