We’ve Got Some News

Posted by on July 3, 2011

We've Got Some News - We're Expecting! (3)


We've Got Some News - We're Expecting! (2)


We've Got Some News - We're Expecting! (1)



We’ve Got Some News – We’re Expecting!

Oh my gosh we’re so excited!!!! We know what you’re thinking… “FINALLY!” :)

Amanda is a little over 8 weeks along. We found out June 6 and told our parents a few days later. Today we’re telling the world! It’s exciting to be able to start talking with all of our friends about it.

You’ll all get to meet Little Monc somewhere around February 7, 2012. In about 5 weeks we’ll find out if Little Monc’s a boy or girl. So exciting! It’s like Christmas! :)


27 Responses to We’ve Got Some News

  1. Rhonda R Gillis

    OMG…..next Wednesday is finally here! Very exciting news! Congrats!!!!!

  2. Sydney Smith Stopka

    Congrats! Love the picture blog. :)

  3. Stacey Wills Morgan

    congrats!!!!! yall will make great parents!!!! it’s the coolest adventure ever!!!

  4. Terri Taylor-Nunn


  5. klampert

    WOO HOO!!! thats what I’m talking about… so so excited!!!

  6. Chris Borsky


  7. Heidi Scogin

    Congratulations, so happy for yall! You know you’re going to have to get a little bitty camera for the baby so they can match mommy and daddy!

  8. Betty Houghtby Ospina

    Im with Michelle… I absolutely foresee a baby girl moncus!!!

  9. Christina Dembiec

    Congrats!! Now you’ll be mastering those maternity and newborn shoots, right? Yay!!

  10. Michelle Bird

    I’m predicting a girl…..all the other ubertalented families I know have boys this year. Either way, Congrats!! <3

  11. Tracie Jane Bock

    I imagine this baby coming out posing for the camera :)

  12. Nikki Wheeler Blanchard

    Justin dubbed the baby “Monc-lette”! We cast our prediction of a BOY!

  13. Dontae Lawrence

    Congrats, guys!

  14. Aletha Mann

    Yay! So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Amanda, you’re going to be a beautiful momma!

  15. Tiffany Flavell Benson

    Congratulations! How exciting!!!

  16. Jeannie Reeves

    That is so so GREAT guys.. I am so happy for the both of you!

  17. Cathy Blankman

    I think it’s going to be better than any Christmas you’ve ever had! Congrats. :-)

  18. Tracie Jane Bock

    Little Monc!

  19. Candi


  20. Russ

    Congrats you guys!

  21. Christina LeMarr


  22. Amanda Morris Ferrell

    aw congrats thats fantastic!!!

  23. Erik Reagan

    WooHoo!!! :)

  24. Betty Houghtby Ospina

    I’m claiming my territory… That is MY newborn to photograph! Congrats my blessed friends!!

  25. Amanda Callender

    Yay!! Congratulations, you 2! (Well…I should say, you 3 now!) :)

  26. Melissa Aubry Hirsch

    Wow!! That’s awesome!! Congrats to the both of you!!!

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