My Coffee. My Bubble. My Impact.

Posted by on June 24, 2011

I wrote on Facebook last night:

“As sacrilegious as it sounds, I had a thought: Should I visit Starbucks more? Not because the drinks might be better than Wake Up (they’re not) but because there’s a whole different set of people I have no chance of meeting and impacting that are patrons there. Should my bubble expand?”

I kept thinking about it which leads to this blog post. So, the Facebook post, dissected…

My Coffee / My Bubble

Wake Up CoffeeLocally, my coffeehouse of choice is Wake Up Coffee on St. Simons Island. My buddy Bo Mann owns it and has built a healthy clientele in it’s short 1.5 year life. The atmosphere sets you up to be friends with anyone there , even if it’s the first time you meet.

I frequent the shop. Depending on the week, I’m there 1-5 times. I work while I’m there. I play while I’m there. We meet many of our wedding and portrait clients there for the first time. Hanging with friends frequently goes something like “Let’s go ____, then ____, then Wake Up.”

In summary I feel at home there and it has become fond part of my bubble, a place I feel safe.

My Impact

Occasionally a conversation heads a direction where I feel like the person I was talking to might just have been impacted by what I said. Other times, it’s me who gets impacted. In my bubble at Wake Up, I can see this happening from time to time in the future. But the question I have to ask is “Is my bubble the right size?”

Because of my love for Wake Up and the wonderful people we frequently hang out with there, I dare not venture out to some other establishment. I don’t know anyone there. I don’t like their products as much. It costs more. Heck, it’s even a whole quarter mile further away!

What if that’s the point?

In the book of 1 Chronicles a guy named Jabez prays/begs God, “If only You would bless me, extend my border, let Your hand be with me, and keep me from harm, so that I will not cause any pain.” and the best part, “God granted his request.” 1 Chronicles 4:10, Holman Christian Standard Bible

What if:

  1. God wants to expand my border and use me to reach people who don’t shop at Wake Up and unless I shop elsewhere I will never cross paths with them?
  2. enduring the uncomfortableness will make me a better person who trusts God more?
  3. I prayed that prayer and I saw God answer it?

So one day soon I’ll probably be sitting Starbucks sipping a mocha. If you see me, don’t call me a traitor. I’m there on a mission to see God move. Maybe even in me.


Question: Where could your bubble expand to? Where might God be leading you to impact the community?

2 Responses to My Coffee. My Bubble. My Impact.

  1. Paula

    The Blog and the comment was Powerful! Gets you thinking! Thanks!

  2. Bo mann

    Hey chris,
    Great blog! As the owner and visionary of wake up coffee, I love having you and your wife here. With that said though, all too often there is a bubble in the christian world and I for one am grateful to see Christians consciously stepping outside of it. After all, that is how wake up coffee came to existence. It was my desire to step out of that bubble and try and influence others in the community to see all that is happening in our collective world. Child slavery, lack of women’s rights, children being forced to become soldiers, starvation, preventable illness killing thousands daily and the list goes on. I wanted to give EVERYONE a place to combat the injustice in our world in a very practical way. It was never my intention for this place to become an extension of the bubble and I struggle at times when I hear people say they dont come here because of that. I do recognize the lack of spiritual diversity that is present with our partons though and it breaks my heart. With that said, at the end of the day, I think the influence we are having on the community is stretching beyond the local christain base. If not then Wake up is failing. I REPEAT: If we are not encouraging and educating anyone but ourselves then we are not accomplishing our goal as a company and are failing. For every bad bubble story though, there is a break through story. The love and grace my guys posses as a staff has influences many in our community and encouraged them to be challenged by Christianity and see it in a new light. I do understand your opinion though and I applaud you making an effort to stretch. So as far as I’m concerned, stretch yourself brother… We need more people like you, willing to step out. Nothing but love from this guy and this coffee shop.

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