Everyone is a Genius – Albert Einstein

Posted by on June 12, 2011

Everyone is a genius Albert Einstein

I’ve never been good at sports but there was a time in my life (public school Phys Ed class to be exact) that my identity seemed to include this fact. I was in “smart” classes, school band, and loved to draw. But the environment I was in set sports as the determining factor of goodness. And I believed it.

Being on the other side of school by 10 years (my reunion is next weekend!), I realize that God’s gifts, talents and abilities He has given us make each of us exceptional in the ways he created us to be. We can’t judge according to our own ideas but instead need to judge according to how well we are embracing and using these gifts. I used to try to be good at sports, which only made it worse, accentuating the badness.

But now I embrace the fact that he didn’t bless me with being able to throw a ball straight.

I am a good photographer. God has blessed me. I am a good designer. Thank you Jesus for that ability.

We should thank Him for the gifts we have and the chance to be a part of His plan.

Thank you for the gifts You have given me. Help me to use them to bring You glory and make the world a better place in the ways I uniquely can.

4 Responses to Everyone is a Genius – Albert Einstein

  1. Lesley Myrick

    Chris – I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for this quote to feature on my own blog! Thanks for sharing your story. Mine is quite similar (I almost failed third grade phys ed class – ha!) and it’s nice to be reminded to appreciate the gifts that God HAS given us, not to wish we were given other ones. :)

  2. Tom McDonald

    This was an amazing testimony/story of your life. This will be an amazing talk @Emmaus someday! Thanks I am glad I read this because I am probably just the opposite. Sports came pretty easy to me growing up because I was always around some sort of activity involving sports. I can barely take a good picture with a digital camera and I can play a few cords on my guitar so you have definitely inspired me to take a few lessons and try harder to play!! We all must use the gifts we have according to our abilities to glorify his kingdom!! Thanks again and God Bless you and Amanda!!!

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