Easter 2011 :: Baptisms and a Technicolor Dreamcoat

Posted by on April 25, 2011

Thanks to my uncle Randy who cleaned out his closet, I was blessed with my own personal technicolor easter dreamcoat. Tell me this jacket isn’t awesome! It’s real vintage. I think it’s actually older than I am. If you look at my family’s photo albums you’ll see Uncle Randy wearing this on Easter over the years when our whole family went to Southside Baptist and he was the music director. Apparently it was a big hit at church this morning because I had people walking up to me who were told to “go see Chris’ coat.” Amanda looked especially cute today in her new dress, shoes, and cardigan/sweater/something. Thanks Hannah for grabbing this photo of us.

Easter at SSCC was super fun this year. Mostly because of all the prep work that happened in the weeks before. As I said in my post on Saturday, my love for filmmaking has returned. For Easter at SSCC, we included about 3 baptisms at each service. In the weeks prior, each person was recorded against our green screen to share their thoughts on their baptism. Then the videos were shown right before the person was baptized. I filmed, Travis and I directed, Travis edited. I’ll share a few and some photos I took during the service.

See all the videos here and the photos here.

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