Amanda’s Birthday

Posted by on February 18, 2011

Yesterday was Amanda’s birthday. Dang she just keeps getting more awesome every year! :)

I cooked her breakfast after she got back from 707 Bible study and because of the hurry we were going to be in to make our dinner reservations, she brought us lunch to eat at the office together. No presents given yet.

When I got home after work I quickly got her presents together.

Her card was inspired by Monopoly Deal, a card version of Monopoly that is really fun and competitive, but MUCH shorter. I made it myself. One of the cards (like a Chance card) is an “It’s My Birthday” card. When played, you have to give that player 2 Monies. So I put $2 in it to keep the theme and wrote her a note on the inside.

Here you can see the spread. Haha. She has been wanting to add photos to our blank walls (case in point to her right). But we haven’t had/taken the time to go and pick out frames. So my buddy Eliot and I went to Michael’s to pick out frames. He’s also a photographer, so his opinions helped me a ton. I think we came out with some good frames. Now to fill them!.

Here Amanda is opening a waterproof case (for her new Canon S95 camera she hadn’t opened yet). She has been wanting a new point-and-shoot camera for a long time since her old one bit the dust. And now she has one she can take under water!

For dinner, we went to the Melting Pot in Jacksonville, FL. We love that place. It’s a multi-course fondue restaurant that has kind of become our go-to place for special events. It’s so good!

Our dessert even came with a candle in it for her to blow out!

Right before this picture was taken I was balancing the camera on the seat back trying to frame Amanda where I could set it on timer and run over to get in the picture. The floor manager saw me and asked if we would like him to take it. Yes, we did. He called me McGuyver for the way I was trying to balance and angle my camera on the seat back with a napkin. Points for trying I guess.

It was a fun time. Let birthday weekend begin! There are three more parties to go for her – friends, local family, out of town family.

More photos from those coming too!

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  1. Tracie

    Excited to see all the other photos. You are an awesome husband to lovely Amanda.

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