2am Flow of Thoughts

Posted by on February 18, 2011

Here’s what’s floating around in my head at 2am.

  • I just told someone on Facebook chat, “Goodnight. Have a good Friday. Go change the world.” Kinda random but makes me wonder where that thought came from. I think I inspired myself. Hmmm.
  • Amanda’s birthday was fun. Dinner was at the Melting Pot in Jax. So good! Blog on that coming soon.
  • Amanda and I are getting photographed! We don’t have a lot of great photos of ourselves so we booked a session with one of our Savannah photographer buddies, Betty (Serendipity Photography). She’s a children & family photographer but we convinced her to make an exception for us. :)
  • Bruno Mars is a great artist. Grenade is a great song.
  • We had our first real “hair” shoot with Jimmy Van Boxel of Uberzoot Salon on St Simons. Avant Garde hair shoot on the CMP website.
  • I’m loving blogging again!


One Response to 2am Flow of Thoughts

  1. Ana Soosani

    Zzzzzzzzzzz……are all that are floating around my head at 2AM!

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